Are you looking for a vibrant, experienced photographer that’s creative, passionate and original, but above all, affordable? Then look no further! At Sunshine Labs I cater for all your photographic needs, here in Cape Town !

Having many years of photographic experience throughout the world and being well versed in dealing with the complexities of different  (and difficult!) photo-shoots , I can assure you that finding a photographer who will be able to take your ideas, run with them,and bring them to life as beautiful art of the highest quality, is not as easy as it might seem.

Fortunately this is exactly what I do at Sunshine Labs – I work with you in turning your ideas into beautiful, unique works of art. Working side by side with dedicated professional make-up artists and hair stylists I will open the horizons of your potential, and make you look even more beautiful then you already are!

Today almost everyone can afford a DSLR-camera, which (on buyer’s opinion), automatically makes him/her a photographer. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, having the equipment does not make you the master. There is no substitute for passion and talent, and experience can’t ever be bought!! If you are looking for beautiful, artistic, high quality images,  think 10 times before turning to some“ pseudo-professional photographer”, who “tries to squeeze juice from dry wood”.

Contact Sunshine Lab, where your pictures are my passion!!


Ielizaveta “Liza” Tishchenko is proudly Ukranian, where she started taking pictures at a very young age. After graduating from University in Kiev she spent 3 years travelling the world and honing her photographic skills. She has since fallen in love with South Africa and now settles there, whilst further extending her experience and knowledge of her beloved medium.

Liza’s main focus is on portrait and fashion photography – with a strong, emphasis on client-driven interaction and creative, artistic images. Her style is modern and innovative, and embodies a unique, unconventional quality.